MoreCare is a waterless anti-bacterial hand sanitizer containing rich moisturizing, smoothening and sanitizing agents specially formulated for sanitizing hands. It is a safe and hygienic way to instantly cleansing your hands. Non sticky formula leaves your hands clean , fresh and germ-free.

Instruction for use

– Wet hands thoroughly with MoreCare hand sanitizer. Rub over hands until dry.
– Do not wash off after applying the sanitizer or apply soap to wash because your hands are already sanitized. 
– It protects your hands from bacteria up to 12 hours. 


– Clear Gel
– pH: 7-9 

Available Pack sizes:500ml, 1L, 5L, 10L, 20L, 200L & 1000L

Handling and Storage

Do not mix with other hand sanitizers/Gels / chemicals unless recommended.
Safe to use, it protects hands from bacteria up to 12 hours. Shelf life of at least 48 months 
Shelf life of at least 36 months. Store in a cool dry environment and away from direct sunlight. Re-seal /Stopper original containers tightly when not in use, do not return dispensed Gel into original container. 

Why Use MoreCare hand Gel?

It instantly clenses your hands, It is not sticky and it gives you 12 hours protection from bacteria.

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