House Keeping Products

Glerian House-keeping products are used for  cleaning, destaining  and disinfecting ;  P.V.C tiles, Ceramic tiles, Plastic tiles, Cement floors, Metals, etc. They are suitable for cleaning, Public Area Bathroom tubs, All washable surfaces, etc They are ideal for general cleaning in Hospitals, Dairies, Food industries, Hotels, Institutions, domestic, etc.

Laundry Products

We have full range of laundry detergents, emulsifiers, ionizers, disinfectants, stain removers, softns and pre-soak sours. It is used on all types of fabrics, white and coloured fabrics.

Swimming pool products

We offer products that prevent and remove algae growth in the pool, disinfect, removes stains, cleans the pool, regulates the pools pH. Our products will maintain and keep the pool sparkling clean.

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