A combination of surfactants, foam boosters, stain removers, disinfectants and sequesetrants specially formulated for carpet cleaning & stain removers

Range of Application

• On all Carpet types except velvet materials
• Sofa set chairs
• General purpose cleaning especially stained areas
• Car seats & seat covers

Method of Application

• Vacuum carpet thoroughly
• Add 50ml of Rumkleen Carpet Shampoo to 2.5 litres of lukewarm water. Agitate to produce foam.
• Apply foam evenly to the carpet using shampooing equipment or an applicator sponge or soft brush covering a small area at the time.
• Remove dirt and foam with a damp absorbent cloth, stroking with the carpet pile.
• When completely dry vacuum thoroughly.


Surfactants, borates, ethoxylated alcohols & sequesetrants, etc

Available Pack sizes: 0.5Kg, 1Kg, 5Kg, 10Kg and 20Kg


• Highly concentrated
• Economical
• Easy to use & hard on stains
• Specially formulated for carpets
• Cleans and does not leave any gritty deposits

Chemical and Physical data

Appearance – light green or golden yellow liquid.
pH – Neutral. (7-8)

Storage and Handling

Rumkleen carpet shampoo is suitable for carpet cleaning and stain removing. Neutral, no harm to the hands but has bactericides for killing germs.
Do not mix with other shampoos / chemicals unless recommended.
Shelf life of at least 48 months. Store in a cool dry environment and away from direct sunlight.
Re-seal /Stopper original containers tightly when not in use, do not return dispensed carpet shampoo into original container.

Why Use Rumkleen Carpet Shampoo?

It is the best detergent to clean your carpets, car seats and seat covers . It removes all stains and leaves no gritty deposits. 

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