It combines surfactants, ant-microbial agents, and a blend of moisturizers, as well as skin protection compounds which are specially formulated for gentle cleansing and disinfecting of the skin

Anti-bicterial perfumed and non-perfumed

Range of Application

General hand and skin cleansing in hotels, hospitals, manufacturing industries, domestic and other public areas


– Neutral hand and body washing cream.- pH 7.5 – 8.5
– Gentle cleanser, skin moisturizer and skin disinfectant.


Dispense via the dispenser 1-2 drops depending on the degree of soiling. Rinse the hands with water as usual.

Key Benefits

– Gentle, Kind to your skin, Preserves the natural oily skin layer.
-Neutral pH (7-8)
– Kills germs thus preventing body odours.
– Prevents spread of germs.
– Pleasant fragrance.
– Multiple uses

Available Pack sizes:5Kg, 10Kg and 20Kg

Chemical/Physical data

Appearance – Clear pink liquid or colourless pH – Neutral. (7-8) 

Handling and Storage

Rumkleen Hand Washing Cream is suitable for hand washing. Neutral no harm to the hands but has bactericides for killing germs. However, should rinse hands thoroughly after use. 
Do not mix with other detergents / chemicals unless recommended.
Shelf life of at least 36 months. Store in a cool dry environment and away from direct sunlight.
Re-seal /Stopper original containers tightly when not in use, do not return dispensed Rumkleen Hand washing Cream into original container. 


Sodium lauryl ether sulphate, Moisturizers, vitamins, sanitizers, essential oils, builders & Sequesetrants (all chemicals used are food grade)

Why Use Rumkleen Hand Washing Cream?

Our Hand washing Cream will not only cleanse and sanitize your hands but also moisturize your hands.

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