Rumkleen Rinse Aid is a combination of stabilizers & foam inhibitors specially formulated as
a rinse after machine dishwashing and in general cleaning.


• Appearance: Opaque thick white liquid with very little odor
• It inhibits foam formation and breaks down existing foam.

Areas of application

• Dish Washing Machine
• Areas where there is a lot of foam during general cleaning

Method of Application

Set the required cleaning and rinsing machine parameters, and then dispense the required amount of rinsing liquid after cleaning the dishes, and rinse as usual.


Foam inhibitor chemicals: Silicone & Aqua

Available Pack sizes: 5Kg, 10Kg, 20Kg and 200Kg

Handling and Storage

Rumkleen Machine rinse aid solutions are suitable for use in machine dish washing or during general cleaning as an anti-form.
Do not mix with other detergents / chemicals unless recommended.
Shelf life of at least 48 months.
Store in a cool dry environment and away from direct sunlight.
Re-seal /Stopper original containers tightly when not in use,
do not return dispensed Rumkleen rinse aid into original container.
Protect from freezing

Physical and Chemical properties

Solubility in water : Dispersible
Appearance & Odor : Opaque thick white liquid with very light odor
Specific gravity : 0.9933
pH : 8 – 8.5

Why Use Rumkleen Rinse Aid?

Best to get rid of a lot of form after cleaning Dish Washing Machine or general cleaning.

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