It is a combination of powerful biodegradable organo and inorgano compounds which react with Rumtex FE- IONIZER on soiled linen to form a soluble salt of the stain. Special for proteneous stubborn stains on fabrics

Range of Application

– Protein Stained fabrics
– Combinations of stubborn multiple stains
Note: This is applied on white linen only.

Method of Application

– Soiled fabrics are sorted out.
– Sorted fabrics are soaked in hot water with Rumtex PB if sure stains are protein based.
– If it is a combination of stubborn multiple stains, Rumtex PB and Rumtex FE are applied in 1: 1 ratio and soaked in hot water overnight (at least 8 Hours), in a stoppered container.
– Immediately, an attack on the substrate takes place by conversion of the stubborn insoluble substrate to a soluble one
– Finally launder the stain freed fabrics using Rumtex Basic or XDH-R100 detergent depending on the water hardness, adjust the temperature to about 600C.


Inorganic sulphates, destainers, surfactants, carbonates & sequesterants

Handling and Storage

Rumtex PB is suitable for use in linen with protein stains &combinations of stubborn stains.
The product is slightly basic, not corrosive user friendly, but in common with all detergents, prolonged contact with the skin should be avoided; use of rubber gloves is recommended.
Do not mix with other detergents / chemicals unless recommended.
Wear appropriate safety gear clothing, do not eat or smoke whilst handling the product.

Shelf life of at least 48 months.
Store in a cool dry environment and away from direct sunlight.
Re-seal /Stopper original containers tightly when not in use, do not return dispensed Rumtex PB into original container.

Available Pack sizes: 5 kg, 10Kg and 20 kg, 200Kg

Why Use Rumtex-PB?

It is a market recognizable remover of the stubborn protein stain on white linen.

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