A combination of surfactants, alkalis builders, sequestrants and brighteners specially formulated for general cleaning of fabrics in areas with hard water.


– The product is a white slightly alkaline powder
-It combines powerful degreasing, foaming, destaining, sequestering properties which make it special in areas where water is hard.
– It is environmentally friendly and biodegradable

Range of Application

– On both white and colored fabrics.
– It softens hard water and cleans the fabrics.

Method of Application

– For heavily soiled fabrics: add 5-10g/Kg of linen and for pre-wash add the same quantity for main wash.
-Adjust the temperature to 50-65oC if necessary.


Ethoxylated alcohol, surfactants, alkali builders, carbonates, sulphates, phosphates & sequesterants

Handling and Storage

Rumtex XDH – R100 is suitable for use in areas with extremely hard water
The product is slightly basic, not corrosive user friendly, but in common with all detergents, prolonged contact with the skin should be avoided; use of rubber gloves is recommended.
Do not mix with other detergents / chemicals unless recommended.
Wear appropriate safety gear clothing, do not eat or smoke whilst handling the product.
Shelf life of at least 48 months.
Store in a cool dry environment and away from direct sunlight.
Re-seal /Stopper original containers tightly when not in use, do not return dispensed Rumtex XDH-R100 into original container.

Available Pack sizes: 5 kg, 10Kg and 20 kg, 200Kg

Why Rumtex-xdh-r100?

Good in hard water. Foams easily, destains clothes.

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